In recent years, the main sports activity  that has been developed in rural areas is hiking , understood as a way of life, as a healthy lifestyle . It is a combination of sports and tourist activity that allows the hiker to know the territory, its culture and customs and its people in a more direct way. Hiking allows us a direct contact with nature and, due to its simplicity, lack of risk and low economic cost, is an activity that everybody can do. Talking about the rural world is talking about routes and trails that will allow you to know and discover the history of our tourist destination. Put on your hiking boots and leap to explore a unique territory following routes and paths full of history and tradition.



  • The Forgotten Way

    The Forgotten Way

    As they pass through our territory, pilgrims will find magnificent landscapes that reflect the ancient coexistence of man with his environment. Will you forget to discover “The Forgotten Way”?

  • The Vadinian Route

    The Vadinian Route

    Those who used to make a pilgrimage to Santo Toribio are called “cruceno” pilgrims. Do you know the way “cruceño” pilgrims travelled to join the French route?

  • The Lebaniego Way

    The Lebaniego Way

    A dusted off route that preserves both, its beauty and charm and its natural and cultural heritage intact. Will you let it become an ignored and unknown way again?

  • GR-1 Sendero Histórico

    GR-1 Sendero Histórico

    Walking along the GR1 is walking through rural Spain, full of mountains, which, unlike the rest of Europe, is not covered with pine forests. Are you still considering not knowing this Historic Trail?